The Mawada Initiative

We are social organization that collaborates alongside non-profit organizations to fundraise by way of organizing community events. Through the Center of Arab American Philanthropy, Mawada created a fund which aims to support organizations carrying out humanitarian aid and social justice efforts, with a special focus on under-funded programs that often go unnoticed. The Mawada Initiative Fund will showcase these efforts by way of civic engagement.

While we at Mawada understand the significance of financial provisions with respect to medical faculties, several areas of import within refugee communities, such as mental health and education, often go unnoticed. Co-founders Yasmin Alhassani and Maysa Bourham developed the Mawada Initiative in order to raise public awareness and support of projects whose focus is to create social change through art therapy, education and public health endeavors. In 2018, Mawada will feature works by tatreez to showcase the Palestinian embroidery work of the Palestinian women refugees and to contribute in improving their quality of living.

Meet the Mawada Team

MAWADA team members come from different backgrounds and have diverse professional disciplines; they came together because they believe in the idea of a human being helping another human being in need without looking at their passport or thinking about their religion or skin color


Yasmin Elsayed

Mawada Foundation, Co-Founder

In 2013 Yasmin worked alongside doctors and nurses to facilitate medical aid to Syrian refugees in Za'atari Camp in Jordan. Inspired by the works of several non-profits to support Syrian refugees in various capacities including mental health, Yasmin founded Mawada Initiative to help such organizations raise awareness and funds.


Maysa Bourham

Mawada Foundation, Co-Founder

Maysa Bourham grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, and moved to the United States ten years ago. She enjoys art and appreciates that she can utilize art to promote humanitarian aims.  Maysa is the co-founder of the Mawada Initiative and has been a volunteer in many social and charitable activities in the greater Boston area.


Hagar Assi

Vendors, Design

Hagar is a political science major, minor in international relations student, and a human rights activist. Post graduation, Hagar will be joining the Peace Corps, so that she can further her mission. Her hopes are that through Tatreez, Palestinian women will be supported and empowered to not only continue their own work but to encourage other women to join as well.


Natasha Qidwai

Fundraising, Volunteering

Natasha joined Mawada in hopes to expose her diverse community to non-profit initiatives that go beyond their circles. She has had the opportunity to explore 6 continents and dozens of cultures and finds it important to draw connections to promote intersectionality. Natasha currently works as a Software Developer and is a soccer enthusiast.



Sameh Bourham

Volunteering, Fundraising

Sameh looked forward to encouraging the Boston community to aid in global humanitarian efforts when he joined Mawada. He became a part of the fundraising team and helped diversify our network by leading efforts like our soccer tournament. He works as a financial analyst.


Shirin Dalati

Design, Marketing

Born and raised in Damascus, Syria. Moved to the United Status to pursue medical training. Volunteered with JCI (Junior Chamber International), and BASMA (Children with Cancer Support Association). Worked on may projects to empower women in the community, to support children with cancer and their families, and to protect elderly with disabilities.
I believe in volunteering to create positive change in the society.

Hyam Tayech


Hyam joined Mawada because she appreciated the openness and welcoming nature of the organization. She feels that it is important for communities to help one another on a larger scale and not just within their own cultures. Hyam is from Paris, France and works in the pharmaceutical industry.